Indian Muslims - Children of India or Slaves of Arabs? - Paperback | Agniveer

Indian Muslims - Children of India or Slaves of Arabs?

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A typical Indian Muslim is raised based on two theories from childhood. Either he is raised as an Arab//Central Asian/Afghan who conquered India and ruled it for a thousand years. Or as the progeny of those 'enlightened' souls who embraced Islam leaving behind the 'darkness' of idolatry- Hinduism. However, deep within, they know the real story of the most bloodiest chapter of human history - the Islamic conquest of Indian subcontinent which killed, raped and converted their ancestors to Islam.

This book presents the story of undeniable mass killing, rapes and conversions of Hindus of Indian subcontinent whose children are now known as Indian (and Pakistani/Bangladeshi) Muslims. This book is a message of unity. Mother India is torn between its two children - Hindus and Muslims who were one once. It is the call to brave, accept your roots. Find your lost mother. Find your lost brothers.

Author : Vashi Sharma

Language : English

Version : Paperback

Book Size : 5.5" X 8.5"

Pages : 79

ISBN : 978-81-939901-0-0