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A Liberal’s (F)laws

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Author : Vashi Sharma
Pages : 181
Version : Paperback

Book Size : 5.5" X 8.5" 
ISBN : 978-81-939901-9-3

About the Book

Don’t burn crackers on Diwali. It damages eardrums of helpless innocent animals.
Beef-eating is my right. You can’t decide what I have in my plate – cow or buffalo or dog or pig.


Forget about the destruction of Ram Mandir. It is history. Move on. Let’s build a hospital there.

Hindutva goons destroyed Babri Masjid which is a blot on India’s face.


Let’s be friends with Pakistan. War killed our soldiers, not Pakistan. Let peace give a chance.

Eliminate Hindutva forces in India. Two Muslims were lynched by Hindus. What? Conflict killed them, not Hindus? You Nazi.


Exposing more such hypocrisies that feed terrorism

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