Stephen Knapp Reviews Hindu’s Fight for Mother Cow

“This book is a warrior’s manual, a manual especially for Vedic Dharma, and Dharma in general. This book offers plenty of ammunition to counter all the reasons why we should not protect Mother Cow. The cow is our mother for Dharmic reasons, spiritual reasons, economic reasons, compassionate reasons, and environmental reasons. And this books shows why.

It has plenty of verses from the Vedic texts like the Rig Veda, that show and give evidence that killing of the cow and other quadrupeds are not permitted. The verses show that we should treat animals with kindness, and that there is no permission that is given in the Vedas for killing, sacrificing or consuming animals.

It presents all the arguments that every Hindu should know to defend the reasons why there is no need for a meat industry based on killing the cow, and that we can, indeed, uphold Dharmic principles to make the world a better place for everyone.”